Site Staff's Profile

Planer and Editor : Fuyu Kimata
Fuyu Kimata is engaged in editing and reporting stage plays, movie programs, and books.
In Ninagawa’s directing works, she edits programs for all 4 series of "NINAGAWA VS COCOOON, " "Orestes"and more. She is writing about actors in a magazine "Acteur"

Site designer: Ena Tabuchi
Ena Tabuchi works for the Ninagawa Studio (once called The Ninagawa Company Dash) since 2000. She was a stage prop designer of "Electra" "Hamlet" (‘03) and desighs promotion poster artwork for the Ninagawa Studio’s performances.

Photographer : Shuntaro Fujita
Shuntaro Fujita joined the Ninagawa Studio from 2004 as an actor at first. He was playing Peter in "Romeo and Juliet". Later he becomes an assistant director. He contributed his photography to "Photo Book Romeo and Juliet" published by Takeshobo.

Server system manager : Keigo Nakano
Keigo Nakano joined "Romeo and Juliet" in 2004 as a music assistant of Mr. Youhei Kasamatsu who is a composer. Later he joined some Ninagawa’s directing works with Mr.Kasamatsu. Now, he works additionally as an image director of Web TV and more.

Translator : Naoko Okouchi
Graduated RADA 1994.Work as an assistant director since she met Ninagawa in London "Peer Gynt" 1994. Has worked for Ninagawa with "Shintokumaru" "Greeks" "Pericles" "Electra" and the others.
Translation works " Kasper" by Peter Handtke

Directed "Rhinoceros" 2004, "A wonderer" 2006 with RINKOGUN.

Translator : Akane Nishimura
Akane Nishimura learned about stage play and the translating of stage play scripts in Waseda University. After graduation, she had worked at The Shiki Theatrical Company as an assistant stage manager. Her position was  stage system operator of "Lion King", "Beauty and the Beast" and "Phantom in the Opera" until 2004.