The purpose of this site

    Using the internet, to allow eyewitnesses to monitor the overall process of making stage plays.

    The purpose of this site is to monitor the overall process of Director Mr.Yukio Ninagawa making stage plays, and reporting the activity of the staff and actors who continue making stage plays with Mr.Ninagawa (known as "the people of the Ninagawa Studio").

    Theatrical plays are living things. The process in making such works has a dramatic story of it’s own. Using the strengths of the internet, I want to convey its every moment widely to the world, in as much detail and in as real time as possible with information that programs, newspapers and magazines cannot express.

    This site does not offer information on the individual members of the Ninagawa Studio.

    It is a nonprofit site that has the approval of Mr. Ninagawa, and is strictly based on individual opinions.
    The articles are written by Fuyu Kimata who is a freelance writer. The site design is by Ena Tabuchi who belongs to the Ninagawa Studio as a stage prop designer. The photography is by Shuntaro Fujita who belongs to the Ninagawa Studio as an assistant stage director. 
    Mr.Ninagawa believes that “the first step in studying the art of stage plays is to invite someone and start together."  To find a partner on your own, not selected by another person, and to continue working together, seems natural but it’s a very difficult thing. Mr.Ninagawa starts with a deep understanding of this point.
    I’m not trying to create dramatic art on this site, but thought to start in the same situation with the members of this studio. I believe that this site where people who approve and participate with it can express their points of view, is one part of the reportage of “the people of Ninagawa Studio.”

    I hope that this site can continue to advance along with the continuous advancement of the director Mr.Yukio Ninagawa.


    22 October  2006
     Free Writing laborer
    Fuyu Kimata